Washington Leadership Training Institute | September 23-27

Leader • Citizen • Employee
  • The Power of One • The Legacy of SkillsUSA
  • SkillsUSA offers advanced training for students and advisors that focuses on the skills needed to be champions at work, in the communities and in their personal lives. It's known as the Washington Leadership Training Institute (WLTI). Student attendees must apply to attend the conference, which will focus on developing advanced leadership, citizenship and employability skills.
  • Please contact SkillsUSA Arizona if you are interested in attending WLTI.
  • To help students learn how an individual can effect change, sessions will cover the following areas:
  • The impact of the individual as a leader
  • • Developing influence: how to manage for success
    • Communicating: how to deliver persuasive messages
    • Leading others: how to delegate and motivate
  • The impact of the individual as a citizen
  • • Decision making: having an impact on a local event
    • Serving the community: developing altruism and influence
    • Legislating: how government leaders effect change
  • The impact of the individual as an employee
  • • Risk taking: a dialog about success and failure
    • Facilitating growth: teaching and reinforcing employability in others
    • Becoming a change agent: developing vision and exercising focus
  • Other WLTI activities will include:
  • • Congressional visits
    • Guided tours
    • Touring the Smithsonian Institution and Washington area monuments
    • Laying of a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns, Arlington, Va.
    • Pentagon Memorial Ceremony
    • Opportunity to earn National Statesman award
    • Tour of National Leadership Center

Advisor Sessions

  • Like students, advisors will have opportunities to learn how to be change agents for career and technical education. Sessions for advisors will inspire advisors to lead the change process in their schools and districts, develop strategies to gain support for education issues, motivate supporters and learn from those who take risks.

Congressional Appointments

  • A highlight of WLTI is when students get the opportunity to visit with elected officials. You can download a sample appointment request letter here.

WLTI Statesman Award

  • The coveted WLTI Statesman Award is presented each year to participants during WLTI who have demonstrated their leadership skills and have mastered certain requirements in leadership training.
  • You can download the requirements for the WLTI Statesman Award and begin preparing now.

What to Bring and Dress Code

  • Participants should bring SkillsUSA attire: Blazer, windbreaker or sweater, Black pants or skirts, Black socks/hosiery, Black professional shoes, Black ties (males only), white shirt. On the casual side, comfortable shoes, jeans, shorts, T-shirts; fun clothes, camera, spending money and sweater or jacket (September in Washington can be cool).
  • Dress for WLTI is as follows:
  • Opening Session Dinner Saturday night – Official SkillsUSA attire
    Day of touring on Sunday – Casual (conference shirt)
    Day of training on Monday – business/casual (i.e. SkillsUSA logo polo and khakis)
    Congressional visits on Tuesday – Official SkillsUSA attire and comfortable black shoes
    Statesman Interviews and closing breakfast Wednesday – SkillsUSA attire, logo shirt or business attire: No jeans, flip flops or sweatsuits