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SkillsUSA Arizona's Conference Attire Policy

  • Conference attire encompasses all Arizona and National SkillsUSA conferences. Students and advisors are expected to dress appropriately while attending a professional association conference or event.

Chapter & Employee Leadership Conference

  • Students and Advisors attending POW! Conference & Fall Leadership Conference are required to dress professionally. Suggested attire includes:
  • • Dress slacks and/or a dress skirt for females Button down shirt and/or polo
  • • SkillsUSA Official attire as outline in the handbook
  • • The following are not permitted: Shorts, short skirts (must extend to fingertips), thin-strap tank tops, denim pants (of any type and color), torn clothing, baggy pants, "skinny" pants, cargo pants, and flip flops.

Leadership Training Camp

  • Attire at LTC is casual. Participants should bring plenty of warm clothes. Jeans and T-Shirts are permissible. Graphics on t• shirts/sweatshirts should not be offensive.

Regional Skills Conferences & SkillsUSA Arizona Championships

  • Please visit the Contests page for specific details related to our competition events. Students that receive a medal at the awards session must be dressed appropriately or they will not be permitted to received their medal on stage.

  • SkillsUSA Championships (@NLSC- -Louisville, KY)

  • Contestants competing at the national level must abide by the clothing requirement listed in the official SkillsUSA Technical Standard.