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Steps to Start Your SkillsUSA Year!

  • Want to ensure a great start to your school year? One that will engage students in program opportunities that will increase their technical, workplace and personal skills? SkillsUSA programs are integral to the career and technical education classroom and lab.

    It is the perfect fit to support you academically and provide student with leadership opportunities. The following steps will ensure that you successfully star the school year and engage students in leading the chapter.

    Want more info on the steps to starting your SkillsUSA year? Check out your Membership Kit. Need a kit? Email our office.

  1. Secure SUPPORT from you school administration>
  2. CONNECT to your state director and state office
  3. INCORPORATE SkillsUSA into your syllabus, and include Membership Form, Parent Letter and SkillsUSA Brochure that showcases the value of SkillsUSA for students
  4. Create excitement and AWARENESS by showing students the SkillsUSA kickoff videos
  5. Select your first MEETING date, and advertise the meeting
  6. Hold officer ELECTIONS, select committee chairs and dive into the Program of Work
  7. Introduce SkillsUSA Points for Professional Development and Leadership to earn RECOGNITION
  8. Display the SkillsUSA THEME poster, Educated and Skilled to Lead America
  9. Display the SkillsUSA PROGRAM poster that includes all of the exciting ways in which students can get involved in SkillsUSA
  10. SHOW the SkillsUSA membership PowerPoint presentations during open house
  11. INCLUDE administrators in your early chapter success
  12. REGISTER yourself and your students as members of SkillsUSA

Statement of Assurance

  • Click Here to fill out Form

    Every Advisor must complete this form and submit it to SkillsUSA Arizona once per school year. The Statement of Assurance verifies that each attending student has completed the Liability & Medical Release Form. Advisors: Keep your students Medical and Liability Release form on-hand at each conference. Do NOT send copies to the SkillsUSA office.

Advisor of the Year

  • The SkillsUSA State Directors Association created the Advisor of the Year award to recognize and honor dedicated career and technical education instructors who serve as SkillsUSA advisors. The Advisor of the Year program is sponsored by Delmar Learning, a part of Cengage Learning. State winners are submitted to the regional competition. At NLSC, regional winners are interviewed and a national winner is selected.

    Application for SkillsUSA Arizona Advisor of the Year are due March 1. The winner will be announced at the opening session of the SkillsUSA Arizona Championships.

    2017 Advisor of the Year
    Andrew Lamer from Mingus Union High School

    Advisor of the Year Nomination Form

Training Modules

  • Several advisor training modules have been developed for your use. They were designed to help build successful SkillsUSA chapters. All advisors are welcome to use the training modules anytime, anywhere to learn how to develop a strong SkillsUSA chapter. Get them here

Payment Policy

  • In an effort to be accountable to our members, Board of Directors, and accounting policies, SkillsUSA Arizona has published our policy for past due invoices. This policy is in no way meant to scold individuals but only to keep our organization financially responsible.

    30‐60‐90 Day Past Due Invoice Policy
    Fee summaries/Invoices are available at any time on our online registration system.

    30 Days—an email is sent to the teacher with invoice attached reminding them of the balance due

    60 Days—a letter with a statement and invoice is sent to the Teacher, Principal, Local Director and Accounting office

    90 Days— a letter, statement and new invoice with late fee is sent to the Teacher, Principal, Local Director, Superintendent and Accounting office. Invoices past 90 days are subject to a 2% late fee that will continue to compound monthly until the balance is paid.

    If an invoice reaches 90 days past due, the SkillsUSA section will become ineligible to participate in SkillsUSA state sponsored events until the invoice and late fees are satisfied. Pre‐payment may be required for all future events in the same school year.

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